Wim Hof Update (BJJ/Life)

Just started week 5 of the Wim Hof journey. I had a little breakthrough last night during my meditation. After a rigorous breathing session- 5 rounds of 30 breaths- I attempted some of the newer exercises one of which was a headstand. These are not for me. I realized that it was a bit traumatic for my neck to hold up all 165 pounds of my half-Asian ass. I should have just started light by forward bending and keeping my weight on my hands and feet, but I went all in. This left me with a bit of soreness today.

Jumping in the tub made me a bit nervous because I knew my first 5 minute cold shower was imminent. I did a 2 mintue warm shower and then when my round timer rang I cranked the shower handle all the way to the right. (pure cold) Dancing helped, and so did saying, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck!!!” After about a minute I went calm and the water seemed to warm up a bit even though I know it’s just the body adjusting. Five minutes went by without too much distress and I stepped out as soon as the end bell rang. My body felt alive and I felt totally conscious.

Decided to do my own version of a float tank, minus the floating and the tank. I bought some ear plugs and two eye patches and I layed in bed in the complete silence and darkness. After about twenty minutes your body goes to sleep and you are left with nothing but black. Something new happened, I started seeing little dots coming toward me almost as if I was laying on the ground and snowflakes were falling at my face. Not sure what that means but I see it as a breakthrough since I rarely see anything but blue blobs when I meditate. Maybe I went into warp speed? 😉

Rolling today revealed to me the benefits of this method. I’ve also been doing some cardio circuit training  alone in my room. It’s a sad sight but seems to be paying off. My friend Mike and I went for about the whole hour and never felt gassed and I always had an extra gear just waiting for my call. If I can keep this up I should perform better in pressure situations. I’ll be back in a few weeks for another update. “Breathe Motherfuckers!” 😉

(below) This is not me. 😉