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30 Days of Dedication

Started my 30 days of dedication to BJJ today. I’ve been a bit touch and go lately and I want to get to class and ’embrace the grind.’

Doing a cardio program (Insanity) has really been helping me stay active while rolling. Mix that with yoga and doing submission chains with my grappling dummy and I really feel my game clicking. I have a lot of confidence that I’m hard to tap but there’s still a part of me that dreads the idea of getting dominated during rolls and going into panic mode especially with younger, more energetic partners. Time has come for me to believe in the technique I’ve acquired in almost a decade of BJJ. 

So my plan is to keep my low sugar diet going (I’m down close to 10 pounds and feel much healthier), keep up the Wim Hof breathing and cold shower method, and go to class as much as possible all month. If things go the way I plan I should be in top shape by August and I can give review class a shot. I’ve been a three stripe red for long enough and I finally feel like I can hang in the blue belt realm. 

Today (7-3-16)

Been drinking more water than usual. Trying to do at least a gallon a day. Jug Life! Went to class and worked the bag a bit during stand up class. I paired up with a gold belt and all my moves seemed to work great. I got 4 triangles and escaped side control easily. I even got a tap from doing the Lockdown, I found out how to make it more powerful. One area of failure was when I went to teach a triangle escape by posturing up but I overly strained and over worked my neck and back too much. Instead I should have circled or fell back instead of trying too hard to posture when my head is being held down. I was taught some heel hook escapes and how to utilize the gullotine (arm in) when defending the guard pass. All in all a great open gym. Might be stiff tomorrow but hopefully the cold shower negates much of the pain. 😉


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