Yoga and Jiu Jitsu (a true story)

Why do I do this? I mean, I know I should doing certain things everyday for my health but I always seem to find a way to slack off. Take yoga for example. Every time I get in the habit of yoga-ing it up (daily or every other) I feel amazing. Why don’t I keep doing it??? Do I like pain?

Two months ago I started going to BJJ class way more often than before. I wanted to be in top shape before my next review class. In doing so I completely cut off all yoga routines because I figured I was getting enough exercise on the mats. Plus, we do a stretching routine before each class so I thought that would be enough. It wasn’t. My body began shutting down. Parts of me would begin hurting and before it could heal, something else would flare up. So I had two sore shoulders, a stiff neck, a tightness in my lower back, an injured wrist, and to top it off my foot started aching for no reason.

Out of pure desperation I got out the old yoga mat and did a short warmup routine. I knew I was out of yoga shape after only two poses, one of which is having your feet apart standing, dropping one hand to the mat and turning your head to face the ceiling. The areas that were injured all seemed to flare up at all at once but not in an intolerable way. I could control the threshold by how much I twisted. I instantly knew this was the answer. After a few more moves I was done. The whole routine is an hour and a half but today I was just happy getting through the warmup portion. Anyhow, I ended up not needing any Advil to get through the day for the first time in a while. I did my teaching and as soon as I got home I did the warmup routine again for good measure. It’s safe to say that my soreness went away about 50% in just doing those two short sessions.

Now that I’m back on the path I foresee much more BJJ training in my future and hopefully pain free (or close to it) times in between classes and matches. If you think doing BJJ means always being sore, please consider giving yoga a try before you decided to either live with pain or quit. See ya! or um..Namaste???