Still Getting Smashed BUT…….

Last night was quite humbling.  I’ve been doing Insanity, the workout, and felt that my cardio was badass…finally.  But like everyone says on the mat, “grappling cardio is just different cardio.”  I was okay after my first roll although I didn’t really push myself too hard. (got tapped twice and got a ‘pity’ tap at the end) My opponent (Red2) kept negating my closed guard (which is my best guard as of now) by standing up and putting all his weight forward.  I know I should have gone to open guard but I wanted to tough it out and see if I had any other options.  I’ll be asking my instructor about it Sunday.  

My second roll started out the same but then my opponent (Red3) fell back to let me play top game for a bit.  I surprised myself by doing the GSP pass to side to mount.  He was a heavy dude and just bucked me off to the side.  I almost got the armbar but we ended up with me on bottom playing guard.  I twisted my hips and caught him in an armbar, yay!  We rolled later and I ended up getting that first mount bump armbar.  It was a good day for armbars.  

I finally rolled with the instructor who just got his blue belt. (at my school that is the belt before black) He controlled me most of the time but said I was very hard to tap out.  I did get caught a few times, one of the times to a mutual heel hook, but I was proud of the fact that even though I was pretty much a wet rag on the mat I still kept a good level of jits.  

So I got smashed pretty much the whole night but I realized that making a few micro changes starts the ball rolling in a better direction.  For example, I tend to give my back a lot when I get in trouble and turtle up but I told myself I’d turn IN towards my opponent instead.  It actually kept me out of trouble.  I think Jiu Jitsu is all about those little mindset alterations.  In all my years of study I learned that it’s an art of inches.  Later…Breaking Bad is on.  -Mike