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I look back and remember the times when I felt like I was at my best whether it was guitar, fitness, breakdancing ;), teaching, or jiu jitsu.  I can honestly say that I’ve never felt this good on the mats.  My new goal is to always (or as much as I can) roll for 15 minutes at a time.  Last class I was able to do that with 2 people and it went very well.  I stayed calm yet tried to stay offensive at the same time.  Ended up getting a variety of submissions that I’ve been working on.  The subs that worked were: Baseball Bat choke, step over Saulo choke, armbar, triangle, and dickhead choke.  Dickhead choke is where you’re in someone’s guard and you reach up and push the collar across their neck.  I was a bit tired and by the end of the night I rolled with Max.  He’s a tough redbelt with a cool accent.  I was once again defending and avoided a clock choke.  I never turned on the gas and ended up tapping to a footlock at the end.

My main areas of improvement have been my DLR guard.  I now know a few sweeps from there but most importantly I feel that I’m able to hold people at bay because of my longer legs.  I think I finally found a guard (besides closed) that works for me.  For fun I also got 2 bermimolos though they were sloppy.  Just testing the waters.  My goal for tomorrow is to do more marathon rolls and to get better at defending the guard. Biggest realization: When I feel danger approaching I need to deal with the situation right then and not wait for deeper waters.  No more waiting and defending.


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